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This is the 2012 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Truck modelled after my own personal truck. The truck was modelled in Cinema 4D in quads and is fully rigged and ready for animating your favorite scene or animation. Customizable, you can hide or display several key items of this vehicle including a big block hood, off road bumper, camper shell, and light bars. The interior is clean but not heavily detailed using textures for the speedometer and radio screen.


All components are neatly organized in a usable hierarchy, however, the model has the power of Xpresso to make for maximum adjustment with minimal effort. See the YouTube clip to get a preview of how the rig works. This model can make for some great 4x4 scenes or for those who like the Tundra at an affordable price. 


Happy modelling!!

2012 Toyota Tundra_3D Model Rigged C4D

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