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Jason Rohr, 3D Modeler and Designer

Rohr 3D Solutions LLC is a small business owned and operated by Jason Rohr in Southern California and established in 2014 to provide high end 3D models at competitive prices.  I've been flying since I was 16 and love everything aviation.  I studied aerospace and business in school at University of  Arizona and University of  Phoenix and found a deep drive for business.  I had the great privilege of flying and working in the Navy and served with many outstanding men and women in the service for a total of 8 years.  I then transitioned to contracting work with manned and unmanned aircraft and had the unique opportunity to work overseas in combat zones as a pilot.  Currently  I work with a small engineering consulting company as the Flight Ops Manager and Chief Test Pilot. I am a person of great pride in creating the best looking models I can generate for many applications.  Self taught, I began in 3D Modeling with Google Sketchup 8.0 and have found great appreciation for the modeling community.  I focus on design with Cinema 4D and can work on project conversions in other applications. 

Why hire me for a project?  3D modeling is a challenging task that requires great attention to detail to create a clean error free product to be used for many application.  I am selective of projects I involve myself into.  If you have a model you need designed or created lets talk about your needs for the project.  I always price fairly and offer the best support possible to my customers.  If negotiations work out for a project I can help on you will get top notch customer service and I will make certain to work a realistic timeline for completion.

Isn't 3D modeling simple?  Sure it is, sort of...  When I first started modeling it was for a purpose, after reaching out to some very talented modelers it didn't take long to realize the amount of work involved in a project.  It takes years to master certain aspects of each program, and you will have to find the right modeler to help with each job you wish to work.  I model almost entirely for the joy and relaxation it brings me and feel my models show it in the end result.  Error checking a model while packaging is just as important as the beginning stages of laying out a blueprint.

So what kind of modeling can you help with?  I am without question a big supporter of Cinema 4D and have chosen this as my primary design tool along with many plugins that I feel are a must for any modeler.  Please check out my recommended plugins page for the best add-ons for C4D.  My favorite modeling starts with a napkin drawing, this allows my creativity and innovation to go wild.  Yes most modelers can create already existing components with some picture references, but it is more enjoyable to work on the unique designs that come from someone's head.

What I like from customers.  An open line of communication is very important.  Additionally deadlines to get a model completed in a reasonable amount of time.  Most models can typically take 40-60 hours to complete between initial design to modification and cleanup.  Lastly I like to reserve the right to sell the model on my website for other interested customers.  The price of the project will be considered for this option, if you are willing to pay a commercial price for a model then ownership is yours.  I like to offer models as very reasonable prices with the intent to re-sell.  This is clearly communicated during the contract process for a job.

What if I need a modification on someone else's model?  This is not a problem either.  I understand and respect not re-selling someone else's model and will charge based on the needs of the project.  A cost estimate will be given after review of the model, and I will not own any IP or rights to a customers model.


- Cinema 4D R17 for primary design and animation


- Creality CR-10

-Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K

-Elegoo Mars Pro

-Elegoo Saturn

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