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High End Auto Detailing in Simi Valley CA

Detailing cars is not just a passion, it's a profession.  I'm not here to sell you on washing your car, my focus is in the details.  Anyone can clean their personal car, I prefer to take this to the next level of awe and inspiration.  I have been cleaning and detailing cars for almost 20 years now and love to see the transformation of a neglected and derelict car come back to life.  I use exclusively Chemical Guys products, and understand changing technology so as a better product are available I transition to the newest and best.  

Detailing VS. Car Wash

Some people don't understand what the difference of detailing versus getting your car washed.  "That's silly to pay more for a detail when I can just get my car washed and it looks great"...  Yes this is true that if you have a nice or new car you may believe that detailing is just a waste of money.  I recommend cleaning your car at least once every 1-2 weeks, this helps protect from the environment and contamination that naturally plagues a cars paint.  


However, every time you just wash your car additional contamination you may not see continues building up.  Even worse... you love your car so you get it washed once a week then wax it once every couple of months...  If you aren't using a clay bar and a hydrophobic wax or sealant you may actually be hurting your paint.  Ever washed your car and noticed swirls that weren't there before washing??? 


Using the right equipment, chemicals, and technique is what a detailer will offer you that may surprise you.  If you have never detailed your car but have friends that do, take a look at the difference in quality of the paint, interior, engine bay, undercarriage.  The promise I can offer is once you detail your car you will want to get it detailed on a yearly basis to maintain your investments value and to revitalize that new car feel.

Main reasons you may want a detail...

1.)  Care and proper protection for your beloved vehicle.

2.)  Purchased a used car, but it has some imperfections that you can see in the paint.

3.)  Lease return, guaranteed the dealer will ping you on every little scar on your vehicle which can become costly quickly.

4.)  Selling a car, as a used car you always look at condition of the vehicle...  This goes for paint of exterior, cosmetics, interior, engine bay, and sometimes undercarriage condition. 

5.)  Always cleaned car at a car wash, so it's fine... 

WRONG!!  A carwash station doesn't clay bar to removed contaminants, so when you think you are taking care of your vehicle you may actually be damaging it further.

Give me the day with your car and allow me the chance to revitalize and bring back that first day purchased feeling again.  Serving Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties

Logistics to detail your car

1.)  Call Jason Rohr at 805-328-9961or email at

2.)  I will come to you to look at your vehicle at your convenience, there are no hidden fees.

3.)  A quote will be generated and hand written, emailed, or texted to you based on your desire.

4.)  Once approved a date will be scheduled, in some cases I will need your vehicle for up to 2 days.  Additionally I may need to purchase some items for specialized jobs (i.e. ceramic coating, undercoating, clear coat for severely neglected parts or panels, etc.) 

5.)  The work will be at my home in my driveway and garage.  I own a fully licensed company and have a Home Occupation Permit through the city of Camarillo.   Business Tax Certificate # 041381 and Sellers Permit SR AR 103-144222.  Your vehicle although at my residence will be protected and always available for physical checkup if desired.

6.)  Vehicle drop off options:  I offer to drive to pick your car up for convenience; You can bring your car to me and I will offer a ride to take you back home.  Option is yours, and I do not charge a fee for dropping you off.

7.)  Depending on the work to be performed you will have an expected completion period, I do not double book and expect every vehicle to take a minimum of 1 days work.

8.)  You will receive a receipt not to exceed the originating quote (only exception is if there was an additional task requested after the quote which will be documented prior to the work to be performed).  Payment is accepted using cash, check, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa at the time of vehicle delivery.


Why can't you come to me to detail my car? 

In certain circumstances I offer to come to your home to perform a job that will be less then a days work, such as just a car wash or headlight/tail light restoration.  Or maybe you have a high end exotic like a Lamborghini or Ferrari that you don't want to drive somewhere, for an additional charge I can come to you.  I always prefer to take your vehicle to my garage for several reasons:  In the event I need additional tools I have a full shop of proper tools; I will want to cover your car in a garage and can guarantee all cars will fit in my garage to clay bar and wax (for large trucks I have a less then mobile truck tent and several ladders); I can control my water and electricity for liability reasons it is simply easier. 

So why choose you over other detailers?!

I understand that each car is unique and requires special care and attention, I can make sure your car sees the best care it can receive, don't be fooled by visiting a gas station detailer that will overcharge and hurry up to finish washing and waxing your baby.  You will receive the experience of someone who will treat your vehicle as kind and gentle as you would yourself.

Ever gone to a car cleaning station (gas station or detailer) and gotten your car back with dirt still on it or water spots?!  I know I have, nothing is more frustrating then getting your car cleaned and then you having to clean it AGAIN!!!  That won't happen with me, you will get your car with that refreshed look keeping you satisfied and wanting to come back again and again.

From simple car washing, to conditioning, to paint correction, the ultimate decision is up to you on what you would like.  I price very competitively and am always offering discounts based on availability.  I accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Check, and Cash.

So why choose me to take care of your car????  Because I can take care of your car as if it is my own, and I perform a slow and meticulous process of cleaning on each car.  It is very important to know that your car is an investment that doesn't have to depreciate at a high rate from the car lot.  Maybe you are trying to sell your car or have a lease return, either way it can be very costly.  The cost of a detail can save you thousands in some cases.  You will also drive away with a new again shine that will make you come back for me.  See my brochure below that also indicates general pricing.


My promise to you!!

I can promise when you receive your vehicle there will be that new car excitement, and in extreme cases may require a change of underwear.  I will not take your car for a joyride, the only place it will transfer from my garage is to your garage.  I reward loyalty so if you want to get on a car cleaning schedule detailing costs will be reduced as a thank you for your business and loyalty.  I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Engine Detailing is a tedious but rewarding task.  There is a level of technique involved so you don't damage any electrical components and properly clean all plastics, hoses, and grime on the engine.  Typically this takes several hours to achieve to a high level of detail as seen here.

Years of buildup on an engine can decrease efficiency by insolating the engine and can cause issues when looking for potential problems.  Additionally it's good practice to keep your terminals clean on your battery as additional corrosion can cause a higher resistance decreasing the life of the battery and forcing your electrical system to work harder.

Big truck/SUV, no problem.  I understand how truck lovers want to show off their ride in style, so just cleaning the exterior is only the first step.  The added touch is cleaning the suspension so your lifted truck shines from top to bottom.  I will clean the undercarriage and apply an oil based dressing to turn your dirty old looking bottom into a new refreshed truck that adds protection for the next off road experience.

Black paint can be challenging.  What it symbolizes is sex appeal, and attention to detail.  If you own or have owned a black car there is no question it's more work then a white or lighter color.  So what you need is some time to bring it to it's full potential.  This car had very damaged paint, but after a good wash, claybar, and paint correction to remove all the swirls and minor scratches it is like new again.  Tires often get Armor All or a dressing to bring a glorious shine, I prefer a slightly less reflective luster with a product that doesn't streak from the occasional "accidental" burnout you may put the rear tires through.  Don't let your car be subjected to a lack of wax, or improper application which can cause additional damage and scarring in the paint.  Give me a day with your car to bring it back to the factory finish so you can drive down the street in style. 

Customers might want special attention to specific parts of their car/truck to rejuvenate, like damaged wheels.  These beautiful 22" Power Racing chrome rims have been abused, more over they have been contaminated to the point of light rust covering the rim when clean (as seen in the middle pic).  Nothing that some time and elbow grease can't fix.  Using a medium clay bar, then finishing with a metal polish and an hour of work per wheel they are revived with one very happy customer!

Another reason why not to go to an automated car wash.  Sure you will save time, but when the high pressure water jets start running they could be delayed on motion and burn your clear coat right off your car.  We can fix that though.  What has to be noted is once this happens and is fixed to keep it looking nice you will require a sealant on a yearly basis to maintain a brilliant gloss like new look.  This was achieved with multiple compounds and a dual action buffer, then sealed using Chemical Guys Jet Seal.

Waxing my car won't really make it look better, it's just a lot of hard work to keep the rain off right?!  Of course not, the purpose of wax is for protection against UV, and all the contaminants that build over time by just sitting out side.  This truck had some serious swirls, the customer didn't want to perform a paint correction so the quick answer is a claybar and a layer of good wax.  In this case I used a soft claybar to decontaminate then Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax, only one coat will last months and bring that beautiful shine right back.

The Hummer project was a bit to take on for a local customer but the results are satisfying.  Worn out plastics neglected from using normal Armor All and oil based dressings.  Paint received a full clay bar and coat of Butter Wet Wax.  Wheels got a lot of attention along with some of the undercarriage parts. To bring this truck to the next level it would need a repaint on some of the undercarriage parts (which can be performed as an added task) and a full paint correction to restore it back to new status.  This complete exterior detail performed was a 10 hour task. 

Scratches suck!!  The most common areas that end up with a lot of contact are your door handles.  Although deep scratches and missing paint requires much more then a detail, yes it can look much better and through a little elbow grease the paint can be preserved and protected.  On the left is a heavily damaged door handle, after using a clay bar and some compounding and polishing it looks much more attractive even up close.  

Paint transfer is so common in California that it is even often overlooked at a used car dealership, but never the value.  Here a customer was lightly rear ended resulting in a white pain transfer from the other vehicle, but an insurance claim can cost up to $500 in a deductible and hurt your rates.  For less then that you can have get a paint correction from Rohr 3D Solutions to clean up those obvious eye sores that make you sad whenever getting into your trunk. 

Color correction may sound scary and very expensive.  This is not true on both accounts.  If your paint is already in good shape but has a lot of minor scratches and scrapes it can typically be compounded out, polished, then add a wax and sealant and virtually turn your car into a new paint job.  A color correction does require attention to detail, different paints have different densities, not all cuts and scratches are the same depth, so you need someone that can work on giving the more damaged areas the attention it needs so it blends with the rest of the car.  I recommend watching this video on YouTube in higher res for a good comparison at:

Leather and vinyl interior can get pretty dirty over the years.  This is a deeply contaminated interior that cleaned up nicely to make a fresh interior for the customer, all chemicals used are safe for vinyl and leather and gives a slight UV protection and slightly deeper look.

Carpet is typically the first to get dirty in a car, deep soiling can often be completely removed using a gentle fabric cleaner and a soft brush to avoid damaging the carpet itself.

Headlight restoration...  "I will just buy a kit from Autozone or use toothpaste".  Sure you can do that, and be prepared to re-clean your headlights in less then a year.  Proper preparation is key, I will protect your painted surfaces and only remove the headlight if I can't get my buffer to the surface.  On the left is the damaged faded upper part of the headlight, I use a clay bar to decontaminate, then 1500 grit sandpaper to get rid of any scars or scratches that may be present, followed by a buffing compound, polish, and seal.  In some cases you may want or require a 2K clear coat application by request (there is an additional charge).

This Honda Accord is very loved by the customer which was apparent in the overall condition, however, over the years without a detail many areas were damaged and heavily soiled requiring a bit of cleanup work.  After a full interior clean, wheel clean, and full paint correction this customer walked away with tears of happiness to see all the scars and paint transfer that had gathere over the years disappear.

We all have our pet peeves, for me it was this deep gouge I had on my black paint.  Any angle you looked you could always see it because the cut was deep into the primer.  Although you can't make it vanish, by wet sanding with a high grit sandpaper (1500 or 2000 grit), then a few passes using a cutting compound and finally a polish it becomes an eye sore no more.  Notice the deeper cut on the top of the image, this would require more effort, but a little touch up paint would be a quick answer.


Classic Cars Welcome!!  The 67 Grand Sport Challenge!  First off thanks to my friend Emery for having faith in Rohr 3D Solutions to perfect this beautiful machine.  As it was from several feet away an almost show ready car, we brought it up a level.  Several minor rock chips, unfortunate scraping along the front under side of the bumper, scaring on the front quarter panel.  We were able to perform very minor fills and polishing on this single stage clear and paint job and blend the affected areas to then apply some polish and clear out the swirls.  And a big Congratulations to Emery's win on peoples choice award on 28April 2019 at the Westlake Rotary Club Classic Car Festival!!

Classic Cars Welcome!!  The 67 Grand Sport Challenge!  First off thanks to my friend Emery for having faith in Rohr 3D Solutions to perfect this beautiful machine.  As it was from several feet away an almost show ready car, we brought it up a level.  Several minor rock chips, unfortunate scraping along the front under side of the bumper, scaring on the front quarter panel.  We were able to perform very minor fills and polishing on this single stage clear and paint job and blend the affected areas to then apply some polish and clear out the swirls.  And a big Congratulations to Emery's win on peoples choice award on 28April 2019 at the Westlake Rotary Club Classic Car Festival!!


Exotic, yes we can!  You love your car, and we want you to get that smile again when you pick it up like it's the first time you drove off the lot.  Adding sealant and protecting the assets on your vehicle will prolonge the life of your vehicle.  You can't go wrong when it comes to our attention to detail and care.

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