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The Beechcraft Sundowner, similar to the Muskateer, is a handy little 4 person general aviation aircraft.  Sporting the IO 320 or 380, it's a very attractive Beechcraft at a much lower price then it's bigger brother the Bonanza.


This model is native to Cinema 4D and is given a subdivision factor of 2 for all other programs. If you would like a lower poly or higher poly model after purchasing please contact me and I can arrange it. In the C4D model you will see the use of the Symmetry, Cloner, and Spline tools to aid in the build of the model and it's preset for a subdivision render of 0.


The model is built entirely of quads. Just enable subdivision rendering and a sharp attractive model will be ready for stills or your favorite animation.  The cockpit has sharp and adjustable switches and knobs if the desire is to place this into an animation. As a note all aircraft instruments are designed with the intention of adjusting plates and rotate knobs for animation and or training purposes. 
Movable detailed parts include: Side doors, yoke, throttle, on/off switches, radio knobs, transponder knobs, flaps, aileron, elevator , rudder, nose wheel castor assembly, propeller, and rear fuse cargo door. A mixture of textures and materials were used for best visual.   All textures are 4K or better resolution (but not to exceed 8K limit for some applications).
File Types include: C4D (Native), DAE, MAX, 3DS, FBX, Blender, and OBJ

NOTE: This is a C4D Native model and is preset for a subdivision render factor of 2, for all other programs a low and high res poly model is included depending on the amoutn of detail you desire.
Total poly count High Res:  Polys 802,294, Vertex 821,150
Total poly count Low Res: Polys 26,212, Vertex 28,825

Total poly count C4D:  Polys 361,654, Vertex 394,146


Beechcraft C-23 Sundowner_V6_3D Model

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