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This is my rendition of a bottlenose dolphin in low poly which is designed entirely of quads natively in Cinema 4D. It includes an open mouth with teeth for a smile to animate to your favorite scene or quickly integrate into a game.


The model is bound with a set of bones but does not contain pre-set animations (yet). With the bone structure you can manipulate the model for the desired pose.


Textures are 4K PBR designed using Substance Painter and offers one texture with the following channels: albedo, roughness, normal, and ambient occlusion. The texture layers are merged, however, included is the UV map outline that can be used to create your own texture if desired.


Cinema 4D model resolution is adjusted using the Subdivision, but for all other formats it has a baked subdivision level of 2 which results in a total poly count of 91016 and vertex of 93238. Lower/native poly count available upon request.


If you like this model check out our others and Happy Modeling!

Bottlenose Dolphin 3D Model C4D Rigged

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