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This is a 3D Print ready bottlenose dolphin. I print larger models so I have it broken down into 3 components for large prints (front, rear, teeth). There is also a single file with everything in one model that can be printed on smaller scales, like using a resin printer or small FDM printing.


The model is comprised of a high poly count to allow a smooth print up to around the 3 ft long mark. As a reference I use a Creatlity CR-10 for the front and rear on one plate and I use a resin Anycubic Photon for the Teeth.


This model is a posed figure of my bottlenose dolphin rigged model , but attached are images of the final product after I have sanded and painted it. This can turn into a great looking model for display or to add as ambiance. If you are interested in this model but don't know how or possess a 3D Printer please contact me and we can print, paint, and ship a model to you. Cost is a matter of scale (please no 6ft dolphin print requests).


Happy Modeling!


For non commercial use, private use only, no redistribution (contact us if you would like a commercial license to create and redistribute, redistributable files start at $300 but can be offered at discount in collections)


If you want a desktop model already together, painted, with a stand for see the Desktop Models in a variety of poses and sizes.

Bottlenose Dolphin 3D Printable Model

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