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Platinum series 3D Model featuring rigged mechanics.


Chevrolet Racing Corvette C6 Z06 now with the SuperVette wide body kit, hood, and rear spoiler. The goal is to give an aggressive look on this vehicle and make it more trackable. An attractive looking car the Corvette is without a doubt one of the premier American Muscle cars. I've taken the time on this model to insure accuracy of the model lines and give a nice clean result.
This model is rigged in C4D ONLY!!! XPresso has been used to allow simplified turning of the wheels with the steering wheel, doors, windows, rear hatch and hood (there is currently not an engine in the bay). This will allow quicker animating with a simple slider set on the Corvette Animations Control null in C4D.
This model is set up to adjust most all individual components to your liking. As a native C4D model this has photo quality adjusted materials for the best output, for all other formats most of the items utilize textures. Materials were setup so only essential parts are textures, most colored components are all materials, change to your favorite material.
Created natively in C4D the model is offered in high poly for all other formats only (low poly available upon request). All other programs aside from C4D the model is in a subdivision of 2 giving a great appearance, for up close and personal shots you can further subdivide the model in the programs. The model is almost completely built of quads and is meant for outstanding appearance in any close up or distant shot.
With a semi detailed interior every component is separate so any adjustments to components are easy and quick. There are a mixture of 4K or better textures and materials to optimize the appearance, just change to your favorite color/material and modify the look of the car.
NOTE: This model is native to Cinema 4D, all renders were created using C4D R17 and may not reflect other programs in terms of materials. Polygons represent the low resolution C4D model (Available for other programs on request).
If this model meets or exceeds your expectations please comment and like. Happy Modelling! If you like this model check out my others under jasoncrohr.

C6R Racing Corvette_3D Model Rigged C4D

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