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I am happy to announce one of my most popular models subdivision ready built almost completely with quads. If you don't want to spend the time adding in subdivision there are 2 versions a low res and high res with a subdivision factor of 2 already assigned (note: this does increase the file size dramatically). In this package you will get a traditional white and red bushplane scheme.


This is a 9th revision with many bug fixes and increased model quality. The model is a complete rebuild from my original now including a more advanced interior, more detailed exterior for your modelling pleasure. This model has big balloon tires known by all Bush Pilots to maintain a very short and rugged landing and takeoff location.


In C4D the gauges are illuminated giving a slight backlight effect along with all components are animate ready. This model has a clean hierarchy along with proper pivot locations.


NOTE: This model was built and designed in C4D and other program rendering results may vary. Materials and textures are used throughout the model.


NOTE: All renderings were performed using Cinema 4D R15 and do not necessarily reflect material renderings in other programs. 


File Types inlcude:  C4D (Native), DAE, MAX, 3DS, FBX, and OBJ


Happy Modeleing!!

Classic Super Cub_V9 3D Model

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