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ometimes taking a cab is the easiest way to go and you would expect to always find one in a city, so take your city scene and add this cab.


This is a standard city taxi ready for quick and easy drop in renders. As a fully rigged C4D native model, this taxi will be sure to bring your scene to life whether you are using the exterior shell as a distant shot or want a camera on the interior you will get gratifying results. The model was created fully in quads and can subdivide out in a very attractive quick fashion.


Ready for animation using the Xpresso GUI you have fast and simple animation buttons and sliders to place this in the background or as a highlight object in a scene or animation. Controls include doors, trunk, window wipers, steering and the wheels will roll as you drag the car along the surface. Additionally you have control over the lighting, headlights turn signals, brake light, interior lights, and the taxi on/off duty sign.


NOTE: All renders performed using default physical renderer with global illumination.


Happy Modelling!!

Crown Vic Taxi_V10_C4D Rigged

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