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This is my rendition of the wonderful Discus Sailplane. Inspired by my very good friend, this aircraft is sleek, and is everything Europe loves to offer for motorless flight. I have however placed the American flag on a couple of areas in the spirit of this model being created in America.


Two models are included, both are high poly count to give a beautiful result with up close renders and much attention to detail has been taken to insure the model is representative of the actual aircraft. This contains a detailed cockpit dash and I've included a pilot which can be easily changed out. Of the two models includes a flying version with controls neutral and gear and spoilers retracted with the pilot. The static version is tipped to the ground with spoilers deployed, gear extended, ailerons, rudder, and elevator deflected.


This is a great plane to include in a mountain scene, or any aviation type interest area. If you want close up detail, this model will shine.


This model was designed to maximize effect of textures at a subdivision factor of 2. Natively built in Cinema 4D comprised almost completely of quads for best nurb effect, lower or higher res versions available upon request after purchase.


2 Models


-Total of 2,387,082 polygons -Total of 2,404,652 vertex -All textures 4K or better -Detailed cockpit including gauges with animatable dials, flight stick, and handles -Control surfaces, canopy, and landing gear animateable ready -Effective use of textures and materials for optimal effect

Discus Sailplane_C4D Rigged

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