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This is the Falke SF-28 Motorglider designed natively in Cinema 4D but exported to several other versions for all to use. This aircraft will be released as a product in Condor 2 Flight Sim in the near future, you can own it and make your own liveries or add to your favorite flying scene. The model is rigged ONLY in C4D, but all components have a proper pivot point to be adjusted and rigged for any application.


Included in this package are the UVW mapped textures in 8K resolution along with templates of the mapping so you can quickly and easily make your own textures or modify as desired. All components have a clean hierarchy with only 3 textures and 1 glass material for ease of operation to inject. With this model comes 2 liveries, 1 is a more modernized white, gray, with red pin stripe, and 1 with a white, gold and silver stripe.


All gauges are cleanly UV Mapped and include needles that allow for full animation (including baro card on altimeter, rollers for tach time, etc.).


The model is relatively low polygon only at 35K polys and built almost entirely in quads for optimal subdivision and rendering.


If you enjoy this model check out my other ones.


Happy Modelling!!

Falke SF-28_3D Model_V10_C4D Rigged

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