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The Flight Design CT is a family of high-wing, tricycle undercarriage, two seat ultralight and light-sport aircraft produced by Flight Design (Flightdesign Vertrieb) of Germany. This model is designed and fully rigged in C4D.


Movable detailed parts include: Canopy, flight stick, rudder pedals, throttle, on/off switches, radio knobs, transponder knobs, flaps, aileron, elevator , rudder, nose wheel castor assembly, and propeller. A mixture of textures and materials were used for best visual. All textures are 4K or better resolution.

Rigged for use in Cinema 4D ONLY. Now using Xpresso simple rigged controls with sliders to easier animate flight controls. A great amount of time has been taken to insure good looking strobes, landing lights, nav lights, control surface deflections, along with flight control deflections will make your animation look great with little effort. Video of how to use the rigged model are included in the C4D zip file.


Also visit the Youtube description:


Happy Modelling

Flight Design CTSW_3D Model_Rigged C4D

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