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This is a Forward Operating Base (FOB). Location is undisclosed but this resembles most all other small FOB's/COP's/COB's that operate in many areas of the world, mostly known recently for Afghanistan and Iraq. This model contains several objects that are meant for high level rendering on close up scenes or can used as a distant base.


Included in this collection you receive my Hesco Barrier (designed shaping of the FOB by use of splines), Tall T-Walls, Short T-Walls, Bunkers, Rusty Connex, Small and Large Tents, Watchtower, B-Huts, MATV Transport Vehicle and Aerostat/PTIDs Blimp. Now includes a Mountain Range background to resemble an Afghanistan type of environment with a simple texture in a seperate file.  Higher and lower res moutains available upon request.  All objects can be reorganized as desired and made into a base of your own personal liking. 


The model is native to Cinema 4D and is set to make quick and easy adjustments in C4D by use of splines, arrays, and cloners. If using C4D adjusting barriers will be very quick and easy, in other programs the splines are left in place to adjust objects as desired but are not set up defaulted to follow splines.  Razer wire was created using an alpha so you can enjoy a stunning look without the slow render times (note: some programs may require adjustment to insure the alpha channel is being used properly).


File Types include:  C4D (Native), DAE, MAX, 3DS, FBX, Blender, and OBJ


NOTE:  Background Sky not included (can be purchased at here:

Forward Operating Base (FOB)_V7_3D Model

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