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This is a great hammerhead shark I designed years ago that I pose and have converted to a printable model. The design is entirely in quads for nice subdivision smoothing and the teeth have been boole'd into the mouth to create a solid part. The model is a product Rohr 3D Solutions offers that you too can now print. Two associated files, one as a single mesh and one broken down into several pieces to put together as a kit (designed for large printing).


All parts are solid and have been printed using a Creality CR-10 in PLA. If you are interested in this desktop figurine but don't have a printer, we can make: 1.) Kit parts, 2.) Model pieced together at desired scale and primered, and 3.) Fully painted model to ship to you. The product shown is roughly 20 inches from nose to tail and stands almost 12 inches tall. Stand not included.


Happy Modeling!


For non commercial use, private use only, no redistribution (contact us if you would like a commercial license to create and redistribute, redistributable files start at $300 but can be offered at discount in collections)


If you want a desktop model already together, painted, with a stand for see the Desktop Models in a variety of poses and sizes.

Great Hammerhead 3D Printable Model

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