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This is a re-make of my popular AA5A Grumman Cheetah in a more contemporary look. A wonderful flying General Aviation Aircraft in the eyes of pilots the Grumman Cheetah/Tiger/Sabertooth are outstanding performing aircraft with great ease of entry and exit with a large sliding canopy.
I have modeled the aircraft to match Cessna's popular new age paint scheme.   A large amount of time and work has been made on this model to insure accuracy and a nice looking end product. This model is native to Cinema 4D and is given a subdivision factor of 2 for all other programs. Additionally there is a Low Res model without subdivision and a simplified design.

In the C4D model you will see the use of the Symmetry, Cloner, and Spline tools to aid in the build of the model and it's preset for a subdivision render of 0. The model is built almost entirely of quads but may have a handful of tris. Just enable subdivision rendering and a sharp attractive model will be ready for stills or your favorite animation.
The cockpit has sharp and adjustable switches and knobs if the desire is to place this into an animation. Over 200 hours worth of work has gone into the build and design of this model.
Movable detailed parts include: Canopy slider, yoke, throttle, carb heat, condition lever, on/off switches, radio knobs, transponder knobs, flaps, aileron (with bottom wing counter weights), elevator and trim tab, rudder, nose wheel castor assembly, right and left cowl panels, oil access on cowl panel, auxiliary power access panel, propeller, and rear fuse cargo door. A mixture of textures and materials were used for best visual.
NOTE: This is a C4D Native model and is preset for a subdivision render factor of 2 for all other programs for the normal model. The low res model has a texture plate for the instrument panel, and reduction in detailed components like screw/rivet heads. There is not an engine in the cowl, however the cowl has been designed to open as the actual aircraft.


V15 Model Native C4D - Poly 138319, Vertex 141386
V15 Model High Res - Poly 967279, Vertex 985772
V15 Model Low Res - Poly 26735, Vertex 28727

Grumman Cheetah_New Age_V15 3D Model

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