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The Honda CBF600 is a middleweight motorcycle that was made as a sport riding machine. The mix between Harley and the racing bikes makes this a nice desirable mix. This motorcycle is made entirely of quads and is sub-division ready. All models, excluding C4D model, are built and textured for an optimized 2X subdivision. Lower or higher res models available upon request. Although I added as a freebie my helmet, I do not include a rider for this model yet.


All textures are 4K and UVW mapped, feel free to change to your favorite materials. The C4D model utilizes alpha textures as decals for easy adjustment.


Animating all the key items (such as front fork, brake handles, wheels, etc..) are set for proper axis location in the Local grid coordinate.


NOTE: This model is native to Cinema 4D, all renders were created using C4D R15 and may not reflect other programs in terms of materials. Polygons represent the low resolution C4D model (Available for other programs on request).

If this model meets or exceeds your expectations please comment and like. Happy Modelling!


C4D Model ready for subdivision build is as follows: 70594 polygons, 71269 verticies

Honda CBF 600 Motorcycle_3D Model

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