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This is my version of a humpback whale, rigged using xpresso in C4D and animated for a multitude of programs. There is currently 1 swimming animation, easily in C4D you can create your own favorite scene in the ocean with this magnificient mammal.


PBR Textures are created using Substance Painter in 4K and give the model a majestic appeal with that slightly aged and beat look. If you are in need of a specific animation but are having issues, reach out and we can help. The rig structure is using bones instead of the fish rig in C4D to allow exportation of animations to other programs. This model is created entirely in quads and has a fairly high subdivision baked into it. If desired to further subdivide this can be accomplished. Check out the soon to be released 3D Printable model with several poses.


If you like this model check out our other ones.


Happy Modeling!

Humpback 3D Model C4D Rigged

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