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This is "Floyd", a expertly textured and meticulously designed Great Hammerhead Shark for use with Cinema 4D.  Thanks to Jeff Cavanaugh of Farallon Arts Studio for making some of the most breath taking textures I've seen on a 3D model shark.  Using 8K textures and properly UVW Mapped you will get super high res textures that include:  Color, ambient occlusion, reflection, normal map, and displacement maps.  That means drop this model into a scene with little effort.  Either for personal use or commercial use this is a perfect model for an awesome underwater scene.


Not only is this a great looking shark for rendering but all the tough work of rigging has been handled for ease of animating.  The Fish Character tool was implemented to give that perfect swimming appearance with control over:  Speed, nose swing, tail swing, jaw adjustment, morphs, align to spline tag, and a body bulge (if this is too small for your needs and you want a mega Great Hammerhead).


Designed in quads this shark was carefully built to insure accuracy of a Hammerhead Shark and as such it subdivides beautifully.  The textures are built for the low res model, however if you want a little more smoothness in that up close render using the Xpresso Rig you have the option of adjusting to the desired amount of subdivision easily.


The file is native to C4D R17 and is RIGGED for C4D. 


Low Poly Model: 28796 Polys, 27898 Verticies


If you like this model, check out the Tiger Shark!

Happy Modelling.

Lemon Shark 3D Model C4D Rigged

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