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The development of the Mark V SOC was very fast-paced, taking only 18 months from the initiation of the program to actual delivery of the first boat on 4 September 1995. The USSOCOM Contracting Directorate and a dedicated Program Management team executed this effort in record time, specifically because USSOCOM was given Agency level contracting authority. The contract was fulfilled when full operational capability was met in 1999. In all, 20 Mk V SOC units were delivered to USSOCOM at a unit cost of $3.7 million. The Mark V SOC deployment, on the other hand, was less smooth. Problems included instances of the windshield and entire pilothouse assembly collapsing upon wave impact. However, these issues have been resolved and the Mark V SOC has markedly improved maritime special operations capabilities.


This is a newly released model as of 22Mar 2020. This model includes UVW Mapping using 2 textures (one boat, one detail) in 4K resolution. In addition there are 3 paint schemes for the boat which you can pick as desired (Grey, Grey Digi Camo, and Blue Digi Camo). The model contains many tris, but now with many more quads it is optimised and cleaned up for use in the gaming community. Natively built in C4D the model can be used in other formats that are provided to give a great effect.


The building UVW Map is included that allows you to draw your own textures if you desire.


NOTE: All renderings are completed using C4D.


If you like this model look at my others under jasoncrohr, happy modelling!

Mark V Special Ops Boat_3D Model

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