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Ok aviation enthusiasts. Here is the Miller JM-2 built by Jim Miller back in the 1970's affectionately known as "Texas Gem". I have made it very similar to the actual model with a little more aggressive intake and a more modern cockpit panel. Back when Reno Racing and Formula 1 was taking over the skies in the battle of low horsepower sport aircraft that could exceed speeds that would literally blow the mind. Hop in and go for a spin in this 235 mph aircraft with only a 100 hp Coninental O200B motor. Although small this is an amazing and very unique design that you won't see flying today but may see in museums.


This model was built natively in C4D and detail was greatly in mind. The model is built around Jim Miller's specs and the simple design has a somewhat complex setup for flight controls. With it's dual rudder sitting on the side of the fan shroud and small but present elevator sits high on the fan shroud, it's a quasi delta wing that is all about the look to help with it's need for speed.


All the components have proper axis locations (possibly not transfered properly in OBJ format, if this is an issue try importing with the DAE format).


All Textures are 4K or better, the C4D native model uses decals along with materials to give that beautiful gold brilliance to the model, use your favorite material or overlay to get the desired color you like on the model. The C4D model comes with the original texture tags along with a fully textured model if you want to use in a more complex scene. The model is subdivision ready built almost entirely in quads and offers a low resolution model in C4D (available in other formats upon request).


NOTE: The rigged file will only work with C4D R17 or higher, and does not have the same rigging for other programs. Although simple in rigging, all control surface deflections move in coordination with the flight stick, as well as a prop rotation that is functional for the physical renderer using motion blur.


NOTE: This is a C4D Native model and is preset for a subdivision render factor of 1 for all other programs, lower or higher polygons can be offered upon purchase of this model.


Total Polygons in Subdivided model: 352790
Total Vertex in Subdivided model: 359799


NOTE: This model is native to Cinema 4D, all renders were created using C4D R15 and may not reflect other programs in terms of materials. Polygons represent the low resolution C4D model (Available for other programs on request).


If this model meets or exceeds your expectations please comment and like. Happy Modelling!

Miller JM-2 Formula Racer Aircraft_3D Model

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