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This is my interpretation of a Pacific Octopus. As a low poly model, painted in PBR 4K textures and fully rigged with dynamics in C4D this model will be a great collection to any marine or ocean scene.


The rig bones are properly weight mapped to give a smooth flowing movement with dragging the model in the viewer. Place it on a spline, set your swim settings and let it look as natural as an Octopus does. Simple controls with a lot of power will allow you to very rapidly make a great looking animation without have any knowledge of rigging or xpresso to get quickly up and running.


On the C4D model you will also be able to control color as you would see on a real octopus, you can fade from red, to yellow, magenta, to black, all using a simple channel in the rig.


Images displayed show the use of displacement mapping for that perfect lumpy skin the creature has, or choose to not use a displacement map and make a smooth vascular skin. All textures were created using Substance Painter for a nice combination of realism and lighting.


The model offers also offers a pre-animated swimming model in C4D, Blender, FBX, and Marmoset (as seen in the Marmoset Viewable file) and a bone structure using IK and weight mapping to give a clean swimming appearance.


If you like this model check our other ones out, and happy modeling!

Pacific Octopus V12 C4D Rigged

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