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Falke SF-25 is a German touring motor glider developed from the earlier Bergfalke glider by Scheibe Flugzeugbau. A large lumbering beast in General Aviation the SF-25 is an icon aircraft for the glider pilot that also enjoys powered planes.


This model is native to Cinema 4D and is given a subdivision factor of 2 for all other programs. If you would like a lower poly or higher poly model after purchasing please contact me and I can arrange it. In the C4D model you will see the use of the Symmetry, Cloner, and Spline tools to aid in the build of the model and it's preset for a subdivision render of 0. The model is built entirely of quads and is not designed as a low poly model, it's intended for optimal rendering and/or animation use. Just enable subdivision rendering and a sharp attractive model will be ready for stills or your favorite animation.


The cockpit has sharp and adjustable switches and knobs if the desire is to place this into an animation. Movable detailed parts include: Canopy, flight stick, Ailerons, Spoilers, Rudder, Elevator, Prop, and most all instrument components allow adjustment for any potential training you may want to show off. A mixture of textures and materials were used for best visual.


NOTE: This is a C4D Native model and is preset for a subdivision render factor of 2 for all other programs, lower or higher polygons can be offered upon purchase of this model. There is not an engine in the cowl, however the cowl has been designed to open as the actual aircraft.

Scheibe Falke SF-25_Taildragger_C4D Rigged

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