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This motorcycle is similar to a CBF600 is a middleweight motorcycle that was made as a sport riding machine. The mix between Harley and the racing bikes makes this a nice desirable mix. This motorcycle is made entirely of quads and is sub-division ready.

This model is fully rigged and ready to animate. As a nice addition in this model you will receive a motorcycle rider with a helmet, both are selectable to view in the renderer or hide. The rider is a FREE offering created in Adobe Fuse CC and is not for sale separately.

You have control over bank, suspension, kickstand, lights, and quickly adjusting colors for most the bike. As a more dynamic effect the wheels will rotated as you pull the bike over the ground, with that the chain will rotate around a spline on the sprocket.

All textures are 4K and UVW mapped, feel free to change to your favorite materials. The C4D model utilizes alpha textures as decals for easy adjustment.

NOTE: This model is native to Cinema 4D and rigged only for C4D.

If this model meets or exceeds your expectations please comment and like. Happy Modelling!


View the Youtube description:

Sport Motorcycle with Rider_3D Model Rigged C4D

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