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Special thanks to Michael Livingston for helping make this model accurate and beautiful!!  The Starduster Too was developed to be an economical two-seat sport biplane. The airplane is designed to plus 6 or minus 6 G loading. It was not intended for use in aerobatic competition, but it can perform basic aerobatics. The fuselage is made of 4130 steel tubing with fabric covering.


NOTE: This model is currently offered in C4D ONLY for rigging, materials, and texturing. For all other formats the model has a very clean hierarchy to allow easy rigging and adjustment to achieve the animation desired. Now with a clean UV map, you have the map oultine to create your own texture to your liking. Main textures are all 8K, and there are some use of materials to allow a nice clean output.


This model is native to Cinema 4D. Offered in this collection aside from C4D is a high res model made specifically for ease of creating new textures or rendering.  All ribbing is built into the model to give the old stick and fabric appeal of this great barnstormer.  One paint scheme is included, but an outline map for fuse, wings, and interior is also included for simplified painting and editing.  The model is built entirely of quads and is not designed as a low to mid model, it's intended for optimal rendering and/or animation use. Just enable subdivision rendering and a sharp attractive model will be ready for stills or your favorite animation.


Model is in the following formats:  C4D (Native and Rigged), Blender, 3DS, OBJ, FBX, and DAE


Happy Modeling!

Starduster Too_3D Model_V12

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