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This is a large (approximately 2 ft long) Tiger Shark you can own as a desktop model to add color, life, and some predation to your home or office.  The model is 3D printed using PLA and Resins, pieced together, sanded to a smooth finish, then painted to look like the amazing shark it is meant to mimick in the open water.  It comes with a choice of a gloss or matte finish, and ever model is hand painted.  Want something customized just reach out and let us know and we are happy to help.


This product is made 100% in the US and shipping rates may apply (ships from Southern California).  Also since this product is hand made there is no inventory and will be made to order which will take approximately 4 weeks for production to complete.  Crafstmanship and quality finish are garaunteed for each model.  The base is an aquarium stand that is added into the order.  Indicate if you would like a gloss or matte finish on checkout.  Also check out just a primer grey model if you like to aircrush the model yourself.  Get your order in today.

Tiger Shark Desktop Model

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